What is Parlour?

Parlour is a platform that connects artists with their biggest fans for small, secret performances. Since launch we have facilitated thousands of gigs around the world and paid millions to artists.

Our technology makes it very easy to find gigs and book and get paid quickly.

Where do the gigs happen?

Anywhere your fans are.

How does it work?

1. Choose a ticket price and minimum capacity to create the guarantee you need per gig.

2. Share your custom Parlour link with your fans and let them know you are ready to play!

3. Start booking with just the click of a button. Check out this demo

How does the money work?

Artists take 83% of ticket sales and 100% of merch sold at Parlour gigs.
Check out our guarantee calculator to see what you could make.
We also pay advance deposits directly into your account as the gigs go on sale. This means that you’ll have some cash upfront to book your travel.

I have an agent, can I play Parlour gigs?

Parlour isn’t just for DIY up-n-comers.
In fact, most of the artists using Parlour have managers, booking agents, labels, etc.

Parlour is a virtual concert promoter that puts the artist in the driver’s seat.
You and your team can use and customise the platform to meet your needs and goals.

Because the gigs are private, there is no need to promote the shows on social media or your website. This avoids radius concerns and ensures that you aren’t cannibalising any public-facing gigs.

Parlour can be a primary income generator or financial supplement to any tour.

You and your team can use the power of Parlour to book full runs, one-offs, fill-dates, and everything in between.

What about PA's and the like?

We recommend artists get a hold of their own small PA if they have the means.
Alternatively, we can help you source a PA with/without an engineer (depending on location and availability) and take the cost from gig settlement.

got more questions?
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