COVID-19 Protocol

Parlour gigs are a safe way for friends and family to gather and listen to live music.
As government restrictions ease, it will mean that Parlour gigs can begin to occur again.

Parlour is a platform that makes it easy for artists to play house shows for their fans. All Parlour gigs will be subject to the relevant laws in each country where gigs are booked. Please ensure you read our updated terms and conditions before proceeding.

In addition to this, it is required that hosts, guests and artists do the following at each gig:

  • Sanitise their hands prior to entry into a residence
  • Practice physical distancing (meaning at least 1.5M between artists, hosts and guests at all times)
  • Ensure that all guests have downloaded and signed up to the COVIDsafe app
  • Ensure that the designated and agreed capacity is not exceeded at any time
  • Do not attend the gig if you are feeling unwell

Please contact the Parlour team if you have any specific questions.