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What artists say

“It was genuinely exciting to connect with different communities on their home turf and to be reminded of the tender role songs can play in people’s lives."- Ben Lee
"I like playing these types of shows because it creates more of an intimate atmosphere, where I'm able to open up and story-tell a little bit."
- Trevor Hall
"Sometimes you gotta strip everything away and get back to basics. I've found Parlour gigs to be incredibly rewarding.”
- Chris Cheney (The Living End)
“I really believe this is the future of touring for artists as it really puts the power in our hands.”
- Katy Steele (Little Birdy)
"Being welcomed into people's homes is a true privilege and an amazing chance to connect on a real level with music lovers armed with nothing else but the power of song."
- Dallas Frasca
"Parlour has not only helped us connect more deeply with our core fans but has also been a great way for us to help supplement traditional touring. I recommend it to all my friends that are out grinding on the road.”
- Cas Haley

Getting Started

Choose a ticket price and minimum capacity to create the guarantee you need per gig.
Share your custom Parlour link with your fans and let them know you are ready to play!

The ultimate door deal

Artists take 83% of ticket sales and 100% of merch sold at Parlour gigs.
Check out our guarantee calculator to see what you could make.
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Book your gigs

Review offers as they roll in.

Assign dates to the gigs you like and confirm.

Hosts will pay in full or sell tickets to their friends.

Either way, your guarantee is met or the show doesn’t happen.  

A note for artists with teams

Parlour isn’t just for DIY up-n-comers.
In fact, half of the artists using Parlour have managers, booking agents, labels, etc.

Parlour is a virtual concert promoter that puts the artist in the driver’s seat. You and your team can use and customize the platform to meet your needs and goals.

Because the gigs are private, there is no need to promote the shows on social media or your website. This avoids radius concerns and ensures that you aren’t cannibalizing any public-facing gigs.

Parlour can be a primary income generator or financial supplement to any tour.

You and your team can use the power of Parlour to book full runs, one-offs, fill-dates, and everything in between.